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Meet Cody Myers: Director of Finance

Let's be honest, finance departments sometimes get a bad rap. But at Woodall Roofing, we're lucky to have a Director of Finance who's more than just spreadsheets and bottom lines. Meet Cody, a Marshall County native with a passion for keeping our financial rhythm steady, all while rocking a killer outfit and a smile that could melt away any budget blues.

***Que ZZ Top's - "Sharp Dressed Man"


Now, Cody's not your average bean counter. Sure, the dude graduated from Murray State University with a business degree and later obtained post-grad certificates from the American Bankers Association Trust School, but his true talents extend far beyond the classroom. When he's not crunching numbers, you might find him unleashing his inner drummer, laying down some funky beats that would make even the most meticulous accountant tap their toes. Or, maybe he's strumming his guitar, or banjo, serenading the office with soulful melodies that remind us all to take a breath and appreciate the finer things in life (like a perfectly balanced budget, of course).


But Cody's not just about the music, though you can find him filling in leading worship at his local church from time to time. He's a man of deep convictions, with a strong foundation in Christian theology. This translates into his work ethic, where integrity and transparency are his guiding principles. He's the guy you can trust with your company's financial future, someone who balances the books with a moral compass as sharp as his wit.


And let's not forget the style! Cody brings a touch of sophistication to the office with his impeccable dress sense. He's got a knack for combining sharp dress with just the right amount of personality, proving that you can be both financially savvy and fashion-forward. Imagine discussing complex financial strategies while looking like you just stepped out of a men's leisure magazine – that's Cody in a nutshell.


But wait, there's more! Cody's not just a financial whiz and a sartorial genius; he's also a super husband and dad! When he's not balancing budgets or rocking out, you'll find him building epic Lego castles with his kids whilst patiently explaining the wonders of compound interest to his children (they might not understand it now, but they'll thank him later!) He's the kind of husband and father who makes it look effortless, juggling work, family, and personal passions with a smile.


So, the next time you think of finance departments as dull and dry, remember Cody. He's proof that numbers can have a beat, that integrity can be stylish, and that a good cigar (enjoyed responsibly, of course) can spark creative financial solutions. With Cody keeping the beat, our financial future is looking not just secure, but downright groovy.


Want to get to know Cody better? Give us a call at Woodall Roofing, and let's talk about how our dapper, numbers-loving finance maestro with a beat can help you (and maybe even recommend a good cigar).

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