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Meet Lars Griggs - Director of Commercial Roofing

At Woodall Roofing & Exteriors we consider ourselves blessed to have a great team, among them is Lars Griggs our Director of Commercial Roofing. Lars has a level of integrity as high as anyone you will ever meet. This is something that is inescapably obvious when you work with him. When it comes to Commercial Roofing and directing the process to get things done, Lars is someone you can depend on to do right. He is always one step ahead and has the best interests of the people he serves at the forefront of his professional decision making.

Working with Lars means clear and effective communication, continuous updates on project details and issues and a peace of mind in knowing that the guy running your Commercial Roof Project is committed to seeing the job through to successful and timely completion. Lars doesn’t allow inefficiencies or confusion to persist in any situation. He is straightforward but peaceable. He doesn’t allow personal conflicts to persist. He will ask difficult questions in the pursuit of peace and is quick to apologize.

His integrity flows from the fact that Lars is a committed Christian with a clear desire to Honor God in all his endeavors. Commercial Roofing just happens to be one of those endeavors. Lars is a committed husband to his wife Billie and (at the time of publishing) father of 2 beautiful children with one on the way! He has been productive on that front as well.

Lars is also a very likeable guy, and on more than one occasion has been told he has a face you just can’t help but trust. He has a youthful presence but a life wisdom that seems well beyond his years. He also doesn’t take himself too seriously, a fact that is clearly observed by his fervent participation in our company Hawaiian-Shirt Friday.

Lars is a local guy that grew up in Paducah and Marshall County. As a young man he was a loyal member of the Civil Air Patrol, which means he will likely own a HAM radio one day. Lars is educated, he plays guitar and sings, is a great public speaker and a natural athlete. He graduated from Murray State University in 2019 with a degree in Construction Engineering Technology and immediately began putting his skills to use in Commercial Construction. When called upon he leads worship at his local church. He is in seminary and training to be a minister. Fun fact, in 2014 he participated in and won The National Championship Title as a participant on a competitive cheerleading squad. Go Team!!! Lars is a True Renaissance Man. It’s no easy task summarizing the type of guy Lars is in just a few paragraphs (without AI) but hopefully you are beginning to get a glimpse. And though this reads like an improperly conjugated obituary… it’s NOT!!! Lars is alive and kicking! To get to know Lars for yourself and the kind of guy he is, give us a call at Woodall Roofing and Let our team of professional and capable commercial Roofers, led by Lars, handle your commercial roofing needs.


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